Posted on 18 September, 2014

It was a busy old time last week at Cow preparing for the launch of Superdrug’s A/W 14 Press Show, showcasing all that’s new from Superdrug health. From pedicures, to flu jabs, the health room had something to offer for everyone, with over 50 happy journalists welcomed through the doors throughout the day.

Health masterclasses were held by US celebrity chef and brand ambassador for Leaderfoods, Sara la Fountain, who ran a smoothie making demonstration, while presenter and brand ambassador for LighterLife Fast, Denise Welch, also gave a talk about her experience with weight management.



Posted on 12 September, 2014

In the build up to London Fashion Week, premium Belgium beer brand, Affligem, has delved into its rich heritage by collaborating with Savile Row tailor, Patrick Grant, to reinterpret the traditional attire worn by the knights who founded Affligem back in 1074.

The bespoke suit aims to combine the elegance and craft of Affligem, while encapsulating the historical background of its 11th century founding fathers into a suit fit for 21st century gentlemen.

It also appears to have gone down smoothly with the fashion press as well, with coverage achieved in Esquire, Dash, Menswear Style and Brash to name a few.



Posted on 8 September, 2014

To raise awareness of the dangers that hot, humid and thundery summer weather poses to dogs’ wellbeing this summer, MORE TH>N Insurance developed the UK’s first ‘Thermocollar’ – a dog collar with a built in thermometer enabling owners to monitor their pets temperature to stop them overheating and dehydrating in the sun.

Working with leading vet Pete Wedderburn, MORE TH>N pinpointed that once a dog’s temperature rises to 105 degrees Fahrenheit it will start to feel uncomfortable in the heat. Because of this, the MORE TH>N Thermocollar would flash red when the dog’s temperature reached 103.5oF, alerting owners to take action and remove their dog from the heat.

Word of the prototype heated up in the media as well, with coverage achieved across a range of national and regional titles.



Banning Selfies On French Beaches

Posted on 21 August, 2014

In the last few weeks you may have seen Three saying sorry for causing an inexorable rise in ‘holiday spam’. As a consequence of the mobile network scrapping data roaming charges for its customers in 16 destinations across the world (including the USA, Italy, Australia and France), people’s social media feeds have become clogged up with countless ‘braggies’ of plane wing after plane wing after plane wing – not to mention sunsets, selfies, beach feet and cocktails.

Well they say actions speak louder than words, so in addition to offering its heartfelt apology, Three is committed to stemming the tide of #Holidayspam and ensure only responsible bragging occurs. To that end, and with tongue firmly planted in cheek, we announced today that Three and authorities in Southern France had imposed a ban on all holiday bragging across an exclusive beach in Cannes.

Two sections of the beach have been designated a ‘No Braggies Zone’ and will remain so for two weeks during the peak August holiday rush, creating a brag-free haven for those weary of seeing beachgoers spending their whole time on the sand taking shots of their own face, hot dog legs, sandy feet and flamboyant umbrella-topped cocktails. In order to enforce the ban, a crack team of ‘Holiday Spam Police’ will be patrolling the sands and handing out #Holidayspam violations to any offenders.

The results of the quirky sandy sanctions have been great, with top pieces in the Sun, Mail Online, Reveal, Huffington Post, Fox News, Ubergizmo, TYT, Daily Star, Yahoo and Daily Mirroras well as cracking online and broadcast pieces all over the USA, New Zealand, Morocco and France of course!


Claws Out For Internet Censorship

Posted on 18 August, 2014

Cats. They’ve had a disdain for dogs since the dawn of, well, domesticated pets. But if there’s one thing that’s going to get a cat’s back up more than a dog, it’s dirty rotten internet censorship. For the cat has become the undisputed king of the net. The star of a million memes and virals. And without this endless supply of cat pictures, videos and looping GIFs the internet would be a far worse place indeed.

But a cat-less internet is the sad reality in some countries.

The places where power-hungry regimes seek to stifle their citizens’ freedom of expression, and access to cat content, by censoring the one thing that should be for everyone. No Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, no Youtube. It’s a world where the words ‘keyboard cat’ are sadly meaningless to millions.

But now, the cats are fighting back. And in force. Thanks to The Pussycat Riot campaign, which we’ve created for our VPN client

Led by a brave band of celebrity cats – including Nala, Princess Monster Truck, Jarvis P. Weasley, Henri Le Chat Noir and Stitch – The Pussycat Riot exists to name and shame those rulers and governments that restrict the internet, all the while creating a groundswell of cat support from across the world and raising money for the charity Index on Censorship.

This week, to announce the intentions of The Pussycat Riot in no uncertain terms, we launched the world’s first ‘cat protest products’, which include eerily lifelike scratching posts of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, as well as litter trays bearing the faces of infamous internet censors.

Now, it’s fair to say that in the days since we launched the cat protest products to the world, it’s gone a little bit viral… and a little bit crazy. Not only have we been featured on these shores in the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph (here, here and here), Daily Mirror, The Sun, Daily Star, Evening Standard, MSN and Channel 4′s The Last Leg (Which resulted in Carrie Fisher / Princess Leia’s dog showing a knock-off Putin post what he thought of internet censorship), but our satirical products have sent a cat-fronted anti-censorship message around the world and back again, with wonderful coverage in USA Today, Bild, Buzzfeed USA, So Bad So Good, Anorak, AOL, Herald Sun, Huffington Post Germany and France, Zeitjung, Handelsblatt, The Frisky and far too many more to mention here in Korea, Russia, Turkey, China, Canada, USA, Eastern Europe and South America.

Meanwhile, on Twitter we’ve seen thousands of tweets flying in from all the place, with users retweeting and posting links to coverage and showing their support with the hashtag #thepussycatriot. And that’s without mentioning the website (, which has seen traffic and orders of protest litter trays go through the roof, the Instagram page, which has rapidly become a substantial visual archive of cats showing their support for #thepussycatriot (the pic of Nala below wearing The Pussycat Riot beret generated over 54,000 likes in a couple of hours), or the YouTube video, which has amassed over 13,000 organic views in the space of a few days.

All in all a rather terrific start to the campaign, but the cats have a long way to go yet if we’re to bring down internet censorship. Watch this space…


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