Posted on 24 March, 2015

It’s always nice to work with a great brand in a different country, so it was all sorts of fun to help Cow Africa create the World’s First Piggyback Taxi Service for caffeinated milk chocolate bar Zang.

Translating the chocolate’s energy-boosting features into a physical experience for consumers, our Capetonian Cow cousins laid on piggyback taxi lifts for residents and tourists around the Mother City on the backs of five burly Luchador wrestlers – which could be hailed just by tweeting for a #ZANGLIFT.

A nice little social media campaign that’s gone down a storm in Cape Town, on Twitter and has found a home on the likes of PSFK, Design Taxi, Trend Hunter, Lostateminor and PRExamples.com.


Cow win PR Moments Award for our work with Send A Cow

Posted on 10 March, 2015

We do like winning awards. Especially when said awards are weighty enough to sink a small cruise liner. So thank you to Send A Cow for allowing us to work with them, and thanks to PR Moments for judging that our first ever campaign with them as the best in show!

To recap, our aim was to support the wonderful ‘Break Fast’ campaign and raise a government matched £500,000 (simple, eh) – so we put together a recipe book of the most important breakfasts that fuelled the greats throughout history.

You can get the full story here – so popular with the likes of The Metro (full page), The Times, Buzzfeed and Daily Mirror all sharing the fact that, while Gandhi got by on a breakfast of porridge, cocoa and goat’s milk, Charles Darwin preferred a low-carb dish of pigeon breasts and eggs.

Meanwhile – on Twitter with the likes of Stephen Fry, Michaela Strachan and Jamie Theakston all tweeting about it, Send A Cow experienced an unprecedented amount of traffic throughout the campaign!



Posted on 23 February, 2015

Earlier this year, Three announced that its marvellous Feel At Home service, which allows customers to call, text and use the internet at no extra cost, would be extending to Spain on 1st April.

So to allow people to prepare ahead of their summer holidays, we took the most obvious route available to us…by teaming up with former professional footballer and now Hollywood actor, Vinnie Jones, to launch his own Spanish lessons aimed at Brits travelling abroad.

The 2 minute film sees Vinnie teach helpful phrases and sayings to allow the 13 million Brits who will travel to Spain this summer get to grips with the basic local dialect. If you’re looking for the beach, do not fear, Vinnie’s your man, “Cuánto por su mejor hidropedal mi amigo?”. And if you’re looking for love, he’s also got it covered, “Podrías darme tu número?”.

It would appear we were also speaking the media’s language, with nearly 100 pieces of coverage appearing across Daily Mirror, Mail Online, Metro, Daily Star, The Independent, Daily Telegraph, Soccer AM, Digital Spy, City AM, The Drum and Marketing to name a few. On top of this, the video was viewed nearly 200,000 times on YouTube in just one week. ‘Fantástico’, as Vinnie may or may not say.

Check out the video for yourself here


sex on the beat

Posted on 29 January, 2015

Bored of pounding the treadmill? Well, now there’s a much more exciting workout that can be done without even leaving bed. That’s thanks to the release of the world’s first-ever ‘sexercise’ music track, which we created for our client Superdrug.

The free track, which is 22 minutes 48 seconds in length (the average duration of a single sex session in the UK, don’t you know!) is designed to sync perfectly with calorie-burning sexy times. Starting at a relaxing 90bpm but quickly rising to a blood-pumping 130bpm, the electronic soundscape encourages couples to pace their love-making movements to the changing beat of the music and get a full-on aerobic workout while they do the bedroom fandango.

The media were no prudes when it came to reporting on the story, with absolute coverage belters secured in the Metro, Metro.co.uk, Daily Star, Daily Star online, The Sun, Mirror online, London Evening Standard, Best and a huge write-up in the Mail Online (in which Femail’s Toni Jones even went as far as to put Superdrug’s sexercise soundtrack to the test with her husband!) – not to mention around 50 substantial regional pieces, with papers and radio stations from Torquay to Teeside getting all hot under the collar at the news of the new sonic sex aid. Not long after this, the story went international, with press in France and Greece getting all Oh là là!

All of this marvellous media coverage, coupled with the story going great guns on Twitter, has resulted in nearly 40,000 plays of the track on SoundCloud and over 8,000 downloads. Job done.


Rain, rain go away

Posted on 27 January, 2015

Weddings. You can plan them and plan them again and again and again. But no matter how many dresses you try, canapes you sample, flowers you admire and seating plans you obsess over, there’s one big thing about weddings you have absolutely no control over (and it’s not someone objecting).

It’s the weather.

A seemingly perfect day can be ruined by a sudden downpour which leaves the entire wedding party soggy.

But today, you might have seen a story by us doing the rounds in the likes of the Daily Telegraph, Metro and Mail Online about the launch of a ‘cloud bursting’ service from luxury travel operator Oliver’s Travels. For just £100,000 soon-to-be-wed couples can guarantee blue skies and not a drop of rain on their wedding day. Wizardry? Not at all. Just a simple technique that goes way back to the 1940s and has been employed in the 2008 Olympics and at a Paul McCartney gig.

To burst the clouds a light aircraft takes flight above the wedding venue and releases a sprinkling of silver particles into the clouds – causing any inclement weather to move on.

As well as the aforementioned media, the story has also caught the attention of BBC Radio 2, Radio 4′s Today Programme, Metro online, Telegraph online (twice), Guardian.co.uk, USA People, Elle, Women’s Weekly Australia, Yahoo! and Business Insider - with more expected to come.


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