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Heineken 0.0 Window Service

The Brief

Although ‘Dry January’ is a peak period for the low and no-alcohol category, Heineken wanted us to deliver a creative campaign in Q1 2021 that would champion 0.0 as a beer to be enjoyed at any time of the year. We also needed to deliver a campaign that would help create brand love and affinity. Any idea needed to be based on the global Heineken 0.0 brand idea: ’Now You Can’. We also need a campaign that would broaden the Heineken audience base – in particular growing its relevance and appeal among female consumers.

Heineken 0.0 Window Service

The Big Idea

In early 2021 the nation was in total lockdown. Working and living from home 24/7. Jogging bottoms and slippers. The same four walls day after day, endless Zoom calls. So what could Heineken 0.0 do to bring a bit of joy to home workers’ days and put a smile on their faces (as well as beers in their hands)? And deliver national headlines in the process.


Introducing Wind0.0w Service: a fully-functioning bar attached to a cherry picker, with celebrities serving Heineken 0.0 pints at height through home workers’ windows across the country.

Heineken 0.0 Window Service
Heineken 0.0 Window Service
Heineken 0.0 Window Service

The Results

Wind0.0w Service was the most successful PR campaign by Heineken 0.0 anywhere in the world and the perfect idea to meet the brand’s objectives – not least showing 0.0 as a beer to drink beyond Dry January, building affinity with new audiences and of course delivering hundreds of pieces of coverage. In the same period as the campaign was activated Heineken 0.0 sales increased by a third on the previous year and the brand knocked its nearest competitor off the top spot in the low and no alcohol category.

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