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Chien – Missing People

The Brief

Our friends at Missing People approached us to help land a story. They’d received funding from the People’s Postcode Lottery for Search Dog Heroes, where specially trained dogs are deployed to find missing people with dementia based on their personal scent. Media had already told the charity it was a non-story and to come back when one of the newly trained dogs had done something heroic.

Chien – Missing People

The Big Idea

We needed a creative hook and linked ‘personal scent’ to the rather absurd world of celebrity fragrances. It seemed every celebrity was jumping on the bandwagon, and it was ripe for parody (remember Johnny Depp’s Sauvage being mocked for being like ‘Sausage’?).


We needed a celebrity and persuaded Real Housewives of Cheshire Star Tanya Bardlsey to send herself up and offer her services for free for a classic ‘confuse and reveal’ activation.


Tanya announced her new fragrance – based on her own personal scent – to 800k Instagram followers with a series of super-luxe promotional images. The fragrance was called ‘Chien’.


All hell broke loose in her comments: WTF?! What is she thinking? Didn’t anyone tell Tanya that Chien is French for dog? Why would anyone want Tanya’s ‘personal scent’?


The next morning, Tanya shared a series of reveal images, posing with one of the Search Dog Heroes, explaining the real significance of capturing personal scent.

Chien – Missing People
Chien – Missing People

The Results

We’ve had 40 pieces of coverage including six national features, with two bites in the Daily Mirror, The Sun and Daily Star. Tanya kindly did a live studio interview with Kay Burley on Sky News and a feature interview with OK! about the campaign. All the reveal articles covered the work of Missing People, how people could capture and store personal scent of a loved one living with dementia, and that the Search Dog Heroes project was funded by the People’s Postcode Lottery.

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