David Lloyd Clubs

Vitamin Me

When the clocks go back and the days get shorter, it’s not unusual for people to feel the winter blues set in. In fact, research we conducted for David Lloyd Clubs found that 41% of people feel their moods slump when summer turns to winter.

To combat the winter blues – or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as it’s officially known – we created the unique Vitamin Me class at David Lloyd Clubs. It’s the happiest exercise class ever, and the first specifically designed to combat SAD and improve people’s moods by employing light therapy, the sounds, sights and scents of summer as well as an invigorating HIIT routine.

The 30-minute Vitamin Me class involves sitting on a sun lounger with your feet in the sand while listening to the sound of waves lapping through a pair of headphones. The studio is set to a barmy 20 degrees and a light therapy lamp shines above the sun lounger to mimic daylight, prompting the body and mind to think they are still in the hazy days of summer. After 15 minutes of light therapy, guests swap summer style relaxation for high intensity squats, lunges and star jumps to get the heart beating and release endorphins, another mood enhancer.

The happiest workout was a hit not only with those suffering from the winter blues, but with the press too. The story was covered by the likes of the Metro, Evening Standard,  The Sun, PrimaRed, UniLad and Fabulous Daily to name but a few. The Daily Mail and the Metro even came along to get their own dose of Vitamin Me and trialled the class for themselves.