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Cow partnered Vauxhall Astra with Debrett’s, the leading authority on etiquette, to produce the ultimate guide to modern motoring manners – which no doubt encouraged the motoring masses of the UK to sit up straight and get a little courteous!

Offering advice on all sorts of aspects of driving, including why men shouldn’t be backseat drivers, and how women should get out of a car without flashing their underwear, ‘Thoroughly Modern Motoring Manners’ offers sage advice indeed… The Daily Mail favouring this particular nugget of wisdom – ‘blowing your horn is just rude. Remember this could always happen to you.’

It adds: “A chivalrous man will ensure that his female passenger is comfortable before the journey begins. He should offer to take her coat, check that her seat is adjusted and be sure that the temperature’s to her liking.”

The Telegraph were keen to quote Jo Bryant, Debrett’s etiquette advisor, who said the famed publishers, established in 1769, felt the guide was crucial because modern drivers often “forget their manners when they get behind the wheel.” BBC Breakfast even invited Jo down for a demo on ladylike behaviour around the car, before taking a long hard look at the book in the studio.

 Debrett's Guide to good driving.