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Allotment Cafe

When the nation’s favourite, Heinz Salad Cream, branches out into salad-style dressings, we knew we had to deliver a PR programme with a twist – in this case, a twist of lemon and black pepper!

We were tasked by Heinz to drive trial of their new flavour as well as highlighting a new moment to enjoy salad cream – no longer just a dollop into tuna mayo or a squeeze into coleslaw but now a sophisticated and unusual salad dressing to enjoy in a variety of ways.

Introducing the The Heinz City Allotment – the world’s freshest salad bar where customers picked their ingredients straight from the ground. Popping up in Soho Square overnight, the city allotment saw over two thousands workers help themselves to their lunches which once picked, we washed and then dressed in the variety of Heinz Salad Cream flavours.

As well as spreading through local businesses, news of the allotment was picked up by the media with articles in The Telegraph, The Metro, Evening Standard and The Sun along with numerous foodie blogs and London event sites.

Picture shows visitors picking fresh vegetables at the It Has To Be Heinz City Allotment