David Lloyd Clubs


In January, we launched the ‘Temptation Blocker’ for David Lloyd Clubs. This was an innovative new browser plug-in that let users personalise their world to match their New Year’s resolutions by blocking any content or vices they’d pledged to give – no matter whether it happened to be cake, clothes or Kim Kardashian – on their pathway to improved personal wellbeing in 2018

The launch of the new plug-in was supported by consumer research that revealed 35% of Britons saw the internet as making it more difficult than ever to stick to New Year’s resolutions, with over half (51%) regularly breaking their promises within the first two weeks of January.

In addition to launching the tool in the UK, we also worked to have the blocker translated into four other languages (Spanish, French, Dutch and Italian) so it could be used by David Lloyd’s European PR agencies as means of landing press local to their region as well.

The launch of the plug-in proved a major hit with press – landing upwards of 60 pieces of coverage, with the likes of The Sun, Daily Mirror, PA, Good Housekeeping, Health & Fitness, BT and Yahoo being counted among the UK highlights.

Elsewhere the story was just as popular with international media to boot, with features secured with the likes of Spanish national El País and Esquire Italia, among a bucket-load of other key regional titles too by David Lloyd’s European agencies.

Smashing stuff all ’round.