The Big Bang Fair


Many of the 88 existing constellations officially recognised by the International Astronomical Union are based on the classical zodiac and figures from ancient Greek and Roman mythology, but we found that these aren’t necessarily proving successful in enticing children today to look up to the stars – with 29% admitting in our survey that they wouldn’t actually be able to recognise a single classical constellation.

To help The Big Bang Fair get kids to take up more of an active interest in the cosmos, we came up with the idea of creating a brand-new set of constellations based on inspirational figures of the modern day that young people will want to look up to – in every sense of the term.

Working with the University of Birmingham we created eight new constellations for the modern day – each one representing famous men and women that are inspiring to children from the worlds of sport, entertainment, science and activism – with a view to encouraging more young people to take up an interest in the universe.

To date we’ve had over 50 pieces of coverage and some astonishing pieces in the nationals using our starry artwork: including a full page in The Times (Page 3, no less), a full page in the Daily Mail and three quarters of a page in the Daily Telegraph. Added to this some substantial pieces on Mail Online, Telegraph Online, Times online, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Newsround, MSN, IBTimes as well as a haul of global coverage and it’s fair to say the stars aligned for this story.