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Spoiler alert

Catch-up TV lets you watch shows when you want.

And, BIG TV MOMENTS often become the talk of the office…

But if you experience that moment a few days after everyone else, there’s nobody left to talk with about the moment and share the excitement with…

So, that’s why we launched a hotline for Freeview allowing people to call up and speak to someone about show spoilers whenever they want.

Therefore, if you’ve watched the likes of Peaky Blinders, Marcella or Undercover four days after the rest of the country and need to discuss the result with someone who still cares?

Dial our hotline!

Supported by research, we worked with expert media psychologist, Honey Lancaster-James to comment on the findings.

We amplified this on social with three posts about the campaign, to launch the hotline to Freeview fans and also running a competition to drive engagement and buzz around the Catch Up Hotline.

The results were clear with 55 pieces of coverage achieved, in including seven national titles. Social saw Facebook reach 60.4k and 1,794 engagements and Twitter, 81.5k impressions and 3,390 engagements.