SpareRoom’s Rental Index

Besides creating 41 cheese pizzas we also cover more serious topics for flat-sharing site SpareRoom. With over 9 million registered users, you can only imagine how much data they have on renting costs. We mined this data to release their latest Rental Index report for Q1 of 2019, a comprehensive overview of how the rental market’s performing which showed that rent costs have increased by 3% in the UK in the past year, up £15 on average a month.

We also revealed the cheapest and most expensive towns to rents in the UK. Unsurprisingly, London remained the most expensive city to rent in, however, when it came to the biggest increases, Lancashire’s Preston topped the charts with a rental increase of 8%.

A closer look at London revealed that although rental costs may initially look bleak, there are still 17 postcodes you can rent a room in for under £600 per calendar month.

We released the story to the national and regional press, securing coverage in the likes of The Mirror, Sun, The Times, I, Huffington Post, amongst other key online news sites.