David Lloyd Clubs


The press in January is full of ‘New Year, New Me’ stories, especially around the likes of gyms, health, fitness, food and drinks. Us clever Cows know you have to think differently to really hit the mark at such a busy time and our ‘Run For Your Bun’ tactic for the lovely David Lloyd Clubs did exactly that.

That’s because it was the first ever cafe where customers paid for their meals with exercise.

Customers simply had to book a ticket, head on down with their workout gear and hungry tummies, order one of the five delicious dishes on the menu and then ‘pay’ for their lunch with a simple, yet effective 6-minute HIIT workout. Once completed, they refuelled with their chosen lunch item!

The innovative PR-experience quickly became a viral hit and one of the most talked about ideas in January. Results to date include over 90 pieces of coverage in the likes of the BBC Radio 1, Metro, Daily Star, Daily Mirror Online, Stylist Online, Time Out, Harpers Bazaar, Conde Nast Traveller and many more. Furthermore, several media outlets came down to the cafe to try it out and film the event for their websites and social media channels. This included Buzzfeed (whose video got over 2 million views), ITN and Time Out (whose video had over 8m video views, making it the most watched Time Out video ever).

Why did we do it? Because our research found that British office workers spend 90% of their working day sat down and sedentary. And the rise of food delivery apps have only compounded the inactivity crisis. So we developed ‘Run For Your Bun’ to encourage people to be more active during the working day and highlight the important role that a balanced diet and regular exercise play in a healthy lifestyle.

There’ll be much more of this with David Lloyd in 2017, watch this space!