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Weddings. You can plan them within an inch of their lives. But no matter how many dresses you try, canapes you sample, flowers you admire and seating plans you obsess over, there’s one big thing about weddings you have absolutely no control over (and it’s not someone objecting).

It’s the weather.

A seemingly perfect day can be ruined by a sudden downpour that leaves the entire wedding party soggy and photographs decidedly drenched-looking.

But if you happen to have £100,000 lying around, then the weather can be the last of your worries. That’s because said six-figure sum will buy you a unique ‘cloud bursting’ service from luxury travel operator Oliver’s Travels, guaranteeing blue skies and not a drop of rain on your big day.

Wizardry? Not at all. Just a simple technique that goes way back to the 1940s and has been employed in the 2008 Olympics and at a Paul McCartney gig. To burst the clouds a light aircraft takes flight above the wedding venue and releases a sprinkling of silver particles into the clouds – causing any inclement weather to move on.

Our quick-hit, incredibly low cost creative news gen was a storm (pun intended) with the media, nabbing coverage in the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Metro, Mail Online, BBC Radio 2, Radio 4′s Today Programme, Metro onlineTelegraph online (twice), USA PeopleElle, Women’s Weekly Australia, Yahoo! and Business Insider among many others.