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Influencer content that packed a punch…

As part of a wider-reaching influencer programme for www.thejoyofplants.co.uk and its Garden Plant of the Month campaign, we teamed up with Steve Wheen, The Pothole Gardener to create some unique content. His brief: use his specialist skills and keen green thumbs to craft three gorgeous miniature gardens as part of our link up with Chelsea Fringe. Why? We wanted to prove that you don’t need acres of space to enjoy gardening, and encourage more urban plant lovers to get creative with their outdoor space.

We chose Steve because he’s never let the fact he doesn’t have his own patch of land stop him from creating something special. He in turn built three gardens for us:

The Music Garden: a tribute to David Bowie in Brixton, complete with instruments, speakers and a playlist. Plants featured in this garden include the rose, ivy and “potted” hydrangea flowers.

The Queen’s Birthday Garden: Celebrating HRH the Queen’s 90th Birthday year, the miniature featured a beautiful floral arch, water feature, cake and even a few corgis for good measure!

Thejoyofplants.co.uk is getting to the bottom of London’s pothole crisis today by teaming up with Steve Wheen, The Pothole Gardener, to beautify the unsightly holes that line the London city streets in the most unexpected of ways. The grand finale of the Chelsea Fringe festival sees these totally unexpected three miniature creations launch around London today. The micro gardens have been designed not just to make passers by smile, but to inspire Londoners to be creative with their outside space, and get out of their usual garden rut featuring selected plants from the Garden Plant of the Month this summer. Usually an unwelcomed and unsightly inconvenience, these (pavement) potholes have been creatively hand crafted into three highly detailed miniature gardens to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, the musical legend David Bowie and the winning Telegraph garden at Chelsea Flower Show. All gardens feature a range of the garden plants of the month from Thejoyofplants.co.uk including the rose, which is June’s garden plant of the month. The Musical Garden – Based in Brixton near the Ritzy Cinema is a tiny tribute to the musical legend David Bowie, complete with miniature instruments, speakers and it even comes with a truly British playlist, including hits from Bowie himself. This cute creation includes a range of garden plants including the rose, ivy and hydrangea petals. The Queen’s Birthday Garden - We’re celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday this year, so what better way to celebrate than marking the occasion with a pothole garden that’s fit for a Queen! The 20cm square miniature based in Southbank opposite the National Theatre, features a number of little props including an entrance with a beautiful floral arch, water feature, cake and even miniature candles. This pothole garden comes complete with a number of bright and beautiful plants including micro branches from the blue conifer, and floral million bells (calibrachoa). Chelsea Flower Show Garde

Chelsea Flower Show Winning Garden: An homage to this year’s Best In Show at Chelsea Flower Show, which built on the geological theme with a rock and water feature alongside plants and plumes of grass.

As well as rich content including video and photography for Steve’s blog and social channels, the story reached even wider into mainstream press, achieving 12 pieces of coverage and a reach of over 100 million readers, social media users and passers-by combined.