The Big Bang Fair

Pizza of the Future

In celebration of the grand opening of registrations for the Big Bang Fair 2020, we put STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) in action with a belly-rumbling and lip-licking project, Pizza of the Future.

To spark excitement amongst kids for the fair, we combined pizza and science to explore the issues surrounding sustainability and food shortages, as well as the solutions that are being fought – mostly by the children themselves – to combat this.

So what would your standard pizza look, smell and taste like in the future? How would the elements of a pizza – flour, tomatoes, cheese, oils – change? We worked with one of the UK’s leading futurist speakers and hydroponics operator, Tom Cheesewright, who was able to guide us on how the pizzas of the future would be made and sourced ingredients and get the dough rolling, partnered with ‘Made of Dough’, a popular pizzeria in South London, who made the pizzas and opened their doors to the public to test our invention.

We also gave the media a chance to have a taste for themselves. With our very own designed up pizza boxes, we delivered the Pizza of the Future to the Daily Star, Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail

To coincide with the week of the Big Bang Fair’s registrations going live, on the evening of the 11th October Made of Dough advertised the Pizza of the Future as its only special of the evening and over 35 pizzas were eaten by the inquisitive public.

Coverage highlights include the Daily Mail online featuring the original story three times (news, video and This is Money) as well as additional features in the Daily Mirror and The Sun

To date we secured 13 pieces of coverage broken down as 5x national new print and online, x6 general online and consumer lifestyle, x1 regionals print and online and x1 young media with a total reach of UK coverage was 6,098,479.