Many people like talking to their plants, believing it aids their growth, with Prince Charlespossibly the most high-profile nature natterer. Now, with new research revealed from flatshare site SpareRoom, it seems Prince Charles isn’t the only one having a leafy love affair, with one in five Brits admitting they also speak to their plants.


With the knowledge that the UK is continuing to experience an outright houseplant obsession, SpareRoom launched the first ever bedtime stories for plants – the first ever piece of literature for the leafy, making it easier than ever for people to give their plants a daily dose of vocal encouragement.


The Bedtime Stories for Plants book, written by children’s author Alice Hemming and illustrated by Livi Gosling, includes a collection of three short stories entitled ’The Three Ferns’, ‘Longing’ and ‘What Goes Around’. The stories can be downloaded for free from SpareRoom as an ebook here or audiobook here.


The story achieved 47 pieces of coverage, including four nationals, seven broadcast and 20 regional articles. Highlights include The Sun, The Times, BBC Radio London, talkRADIO, Stylist, as well as an appearance on Good Morning Britain.

SpareRoom has launched the first bedtime stories for plants. The book of three short stories is designed to be read aloud to plants to help them grow.