Oat Cuisine

2016 was all about kale. This year you couldn’t move without hearing people discussing the best avo on toast or Instagramming their turmeric latte; but what faithful dish has been there for us through thick and thin? Porridge of course! In fact, the tag #porridge pops up almost two million times on any given day on Instagram with an array of toppings. But porridge isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Nowadays it can also be a delicious lunch, dinner and dessert, with chefs and foodies creating ever more imaginative sweet and savoury porridge options suitable for any hour of the day.

To celebrate the oat in its spiritual home, we launched The Porridge Grand Tour with VisitScotland: a range of unique porridge-themed adventure recommendations where oat enthusiasts can indulge their love of porridge and even enjoy porridge for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The story was an oat-right hit with the national press, securing no less than eight nationals including the Guardian (twice), The Times, Sun, Daily Mirror (three times with a press trip coming up) and the i. We even managed to bag a brilliant piece in the London Evening Standard, a key title for VisitScotland, not to mention a host of foodie and travel pieces and wonderful content for social.

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