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We had a lot of fun making a big splash for Kronenbourg 1664′s #LeBigSwim content campaign featuring none other than footballing superstar / acclaimed actor / part-time philosopher, Eric Cantona.

Armed with some beautifully made and hilarious films starring Monsieur Cantona we whipped the media and public into a frenzy over 6 weeks during one not so hot British summer.

We began by seeding the first film to the media in which Cantona, wearing a roll neck jumper, sat behind a desk in Alsace, announces to the world his ambition to swim the Channel if 10,000 Britons agreed with him that Kronenbourg is the most supreme tasting beer. And, like they would a cold pint of K1664, the press and public lapped the story up, only too eager to ask ‘will he, won’t he?’ of Cantona’s daring aquatic ambition.

With such fame from the revelation of Cantona’s #LeBigSwim, it didn’t take long for the tally to total 10,000. And no sooner had Cantona made his announcement than he was standing, staring pensively out to sea, with K1664 in hand, to confirm his swim in the second film. “Nothing is too far for Cantona”. Cue more coverage.

On the eve of #LeBigSwim, as hype and anticipation began to swell, we pushed it to fever pitch by projecting three giant images of a wetsuit-clad Cantona onto the White Cliffs of Dover, giving Beckham a run for his money, and attracting a swarm of adulating seagulls alongside media titles.

Then the big day came. The final films revealing Cantona had swam the Channel. But in a way only Eric could… Stepping from the shores of France into the chilly surf of the Channel, swimming heroically to a super yacht anchored just off shore, and continuing his swim from the comfort of a heated swimming pool on the vessel’s deck to the sounds of Vangelis. Cue more coverage.

All in all, the campaign was an undisputed coverage king, bagging no less than 20 national pieces in Daily Mirror, The Sun, Daily Star, Mail Online, Independent and Guardian. And with the enigmatic Eric Cantona being a global star, the international media were only too keen to dive in to the campaign too, covering Cantona’s journey from beginning to end. 103 articles were secured in total, with a reach in the UK exceeding 43 million.

KRONENBOURG_stills.0010 KRONENBOURG_stills.0008 KRONENBOURG_stills.0007 Cantona's Le Big Swim Cantona's Le Big Swim Cantona White Cliffsuntitled shoot-2854