Unfortunately there is still a huge gap between female and male salaries and SpareRoom wanted to raise awareness of its wider impact on the housing market. In a survey of over 6,000 flat sharers, SpareRoom’s findings revealed that one in four (27%) females are spending more than half of their salary on rent, compared to just 17% of males. Other stats showed that more than half (56%) of males admitted they’d be able to afford their rent on their own, compared with just 39% of females.

Millions of people flatshare and, when it comes to the cost of rent, flatmates typically split the costs equally, regardless of gender. However, women earning less than men means they are more rent burdened, which has a severe knock on effect on the rest of their lives.

The research findings, however shocking, proved to be a hit with the press, achieving coverage in the likes of BBC, STYLIST, Refinery29, Yahoo and the Evening Standard.

So, why did we do it? We wanted to show the disparity between accessibility to the housing market for men and women and drive the message that having a secure, affordable home shouldn’t be harder for some people, simply because of their gender.