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The ‘dumbing down’ of Britain is an oft-used phrase to describe everything from television to school tests. But there’s another trend far more concerning than plummeting IQs, and that’s the ‘manning-down’ of Britain. As a symbol of just how far traditional manliness has declined, we created a garment like no other… one made entirely from discarded male chest hair.

The unique ‘Man-Fur Coat’, which we commissioned for Wing-Co. (the new chocolate-flavoured milk drink that helps men to man-up against hunger) was pitched as a spoof protest against the widespread manning-down of British blokes, typified by clean-shaven chests and ever-emasculating fashion.

While a comment on the sorry state of the overly kempt modern male nation, the Man-Fur Coat was nevertheless a fine example of haute couture. For 200 intensive hours a four-strong team of fashion designers intensively wove and sewed a blend of only the finest, glossiest and thickest helpings of male chest hair to create this mélange of man mane.

After we released pictures of the coat being modelled, the story rapidly gathered pace and within just 24 hours it had been proudly featured in The Sun and Metro newspapers, as well seeing substantial articles appear on The Mail OnlineMetroThe SunHuffington PostThe Daily StarThe MirrorThe Telegraphand Cosmopolitan, not to mention bucket loads of broadcast coverage all over the world, including CNN, NBC and ABC news in America, as well as Australia, Thailand, India, South Africa, France, Denmark, Sweden and even a game show in Japan.

In terms of social media, the stunt went truly viral – to date generating well over 5,000 tweets and reaching over 18 million accounts worldwide. At one point it was being tweeted every 12 seconds and became the biggest trending story on the Metro.

Man-Fur Coat-ure: world's first fur coat made from 100% male cheMan-Fur Coat-ure: world's first fur coat made from 100% male cheMan-Fur Coat-ure: world's first fur coat made from 100% male che