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K99 Ice Cream Van For Dogs

“The doggy ice cream van was a smart piece of PR, neatly executed” Jay Rayner, writer and broadcaster (The Observer and The One Show)

Sometimes a simple idea catches the public’s imagination and simply develops a life of it’s own. In this case it was a shaggy dog story to promote the Boomerang Pets party in Regents Park on July 24th. The theory goes if you are going to have a party in the a park for pets – then you’ve got to give the canine guests something more than a bowl of water while their owners are having all the treats.

Take a great British summer institution and add a subtle furry-friendly twist and what have you got? The K99 – the first ever ice cream van for dogs, offering chicken and gammon sorbet and canine cookie crunch (a dog biscuit take on cookies ‘n’ cream).

With print coverage in Daily Mail, The Times, The Sun, The Guardian, The Evening Standard and Metro, it was all sufficient build-up to ensure almost 5,000 visitors and several hundred dogs turned up to the Boomerang Pets Party – including one woman who told us she and her husband drove two-and-a-half hours just so their dog could try the ice cream. We’re pleased to say he liked it. A lot.

Added to that the K99 spread rapidly over social media with over 250 retweets of pics and articles reaching 2.2million Tweeple worldwide.

Just to prove that it’s not only the British who fizzed and gurgled in delight at the sound of the K99, the story also made national news across Europe, the US and China.

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