Is there strife on Mars?

The International Space Station: a cramped assortment of corridors, labs and claustrophobic crew quarters. But despite the lack of privacy and personal space in space, astronauts live in peace for months on end and get on like a house on fire. Down on Earth, however, the harmony in a typical flatshare can be easily unsettled – often triggered by toilet paper, dirty dishes, loud music and milk theft.

In a bid to help Earth’s flatmates achieve the kind of shared living serenity that comes so easily to astronauts, we appointed former NASA astronaut and ISS commander Terry Virts to the unique role of Spareroom ‘House Share Goodwill Ambassador’

In his new role, Terry, 50, distilled the entirety of his NASA training, extensive experience of living with others in space for seven months and knowledge of astronaut psychology into a 3-minute funny video. The film was designed to help British flatmates avoid everyday flatshare conflict and live together in peace and harmony.

The unusual down to earth role for such a space legend proved a hit with the press on both sides of the Atlantic, being covered in the likes of the The Sun, Metro, House Beautiful, Evening Standard, Independent, New York Post and Chicago Tribune.