Race to the Tower

Throughout May and June we were tasked with raising awareness of HEINEKEN’s public commitment to help end the stigma around mental health in the workplace. This included speaking to the HR media about the company signing the ‘Time To Change’ pledge and securing a by-lined feature in both HR Grapevine and HR Magazine as well as coverage in titles such as Real BusinessImbibe and Eat Out Magazine

The next stage of the activity was supporting HEINEKEN’s sponsorship of the ultra marathon event ‘Race To The Tower’ in the Cotswolds, alongside mental health charity Mind. The event was held over the weekend of the 10th and 11th June and participants could choose to either run, jog or walk a single or double marathon with the option of doing it in one day or across the weekend with a camping station overnight. 

Cow was tasked with getting a Team Heineken together, made up of media and influencers and with only five weeks to go to the event we did pretty well, if we do say so ourselves! The team was made up of Robert Kearney, Assistant Picture Editor at the MailOnline; Charlie Kenward, Assistant Online Picture Editor at Daily Mirror; Leah Milner, freelance and blogger at The Guardian and The Times; Kelly Jean Davies, blogger at Anxious Lass and Rohan Kallicharan, Mind Ambassador and blogger at Running For My Life. All five of the media and influencers had an interest or personal experience of mental health and raising awareness of how exercise can help both mental and physical wellbeing was important to them. 

In the run up to the event, we provided the team with weekly products and content to help them on their journey. This included iTunes vouchers, water bottles, recipe books, foam rollers, gym memberships, appropriate footwear and clothing, suncream and massage vouchers for post event. This helped the team with their journey towards the event but also provided them with products to talk to their followers on social about. 

For the weekend itself we attended the event and a few of the team were actually inspired to take part next year! A number of videos were created including a ‘52 miles in 52 seconds’ version and the Team HEINEKEN posted these to their social channels. All in all it was a great event to be involved with and wonderful to be working on such a worthwhile cause. The whole activity warmed our hearts! 

HEINEKEN Race To The Tower

HEINEKEN Race To The Tower