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Made In Scotland

We embraced the spirit of St Andrew’s Day this year for Heathrow to launch ‘Made in Scotland’ – a week long airport celebration of all things, well… Scottish!

We teamed up with Glasgow based tartan designer Jilli Blackwood, the talent behind the Commonwealth Games 2014 opening ceremony outfits, to create a bespoke Heathrow tartan that has been used to tag all of the items across the airport which have been created or influenced by great Scottish pioneers.

We gave everything – from the phones invented by Alexander Graham Bell, ATM’s the brainchild of Scot John Shepherd-Barron and TVs, as invented by John Logie Baird – a Scottish makeover. We even renamed the Heathrow runway ‘The McAdam Runway’ in honour of the creator of tarmac, John McAdam.

Last but not least we got together with Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food in Terminal 5 to create a bespoke Made in Scotland menu, incorporating an edible version of the tartan.

The story’s been a big hit with Heathrow hitting Scottish headlines, generating over 50 pieces of coverage in the likes of The Herald, The Scotsman, The Daily Record, Scottish Sun and many more.


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