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From quaint little street parties with bunting and victoria sponge, to colourful parades along London’s most famous streets – you’d think the Queen had seen it all when it comes to her birthday celebrations…but we bet she’s never heard an all-animal rendition of Happy Birthday!

In the 90 years since Queen Elizabeth’s birth – or 500 in ‘dog years’ – the leading pet charity Blue Cross has helped thousands of pets find new homes, and this week a handful of those pets including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, horses and even chinchillas, contributed to the one-of-a-kind ‘Happy Birthday’ track, recorded especially for Her Majesty’s 90th!


The track and accompanying heart-warming music video stars Blue Cross pets who are seeking new homes, including four week old kittens Pippa, Freddie, Holly and Rosie – who were found with their mum in a tree trunk by a tree surgeon who was about to cut the tree down – as well as Fly the dog, who recently celebrated her 16th birthday – what could be seen as the equivalent of the Queen’s age in human years.

The track was featured on The Express Online, The Telegraph Online, The Mail Online, The Sunday Times, and was tweeted by Emma Watson to her 21.6 million followers. A little birdy also told us it featured on Have I Got News For You!