This March, we launched MORE TH>N’s ‘Give Your Mobile The Boot’ (GYMTB) campaign – a new road safety initiative, which encouraged motorists to put their mobiles in the boot of the car before their journey so they’re not tempted to use them while driving.

To mark the start of the campaign, we commissioned consumer research among motorists which revealed the shocking extent of people’s mobile phone usage behind the wheel – the study namely found that over three million social posts were being sent from the driver’s seat each week across the country – in spite of the newly introduced harsher penalties for being caught doing so.
Attributing the issue to a smartphone addiction ‘epidemic’ across the UK, we then teamed up with psychologist Amanda Hills to create a five-step video tutorial – including stretches and different breathing exercises – which people were encouraged to watch ahead of a car journey to help them break their smartphone addiction and succeed in giving their mobile the boot.

For the second phase of the campaign, we next created a new ‘prosthetic phone’ prototype. Effectively, this was a ‘mobile phone surrogate’ designed to replicate the exact weight and dimensions of a standard iPhone – the only difference was that it came without ANY of the technical capabilities.

Inspired by past university studies on the subject of mobile addiction, the ‘phoney phone’ set out to provide prospective GYMTB-ers, eager to ease their reliance on their real device and join the campaign, with a completely tech-free alternative that would help alleviate the feelings of anxiety or insecurity that people can experience when physically separated from their smartphone.

Coverage around the campaign was a sight to behold with national hits landing in print and online with the likes of Mirror, Mail, Star and Express, to name but a few. These were joined by a boot-load of broadcast features too – including Sky News, Heart FM and a range of regional BBC stations – as part of a radio day that was carried out to launch the campaign.

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