Genome Sweet Home

We recently started working with the fab folks over at SpareRoom, and we’ve got a heap of exciting creatives lined up for 2018 all designed to establish SpareRoom as the place to go for happy and harmonious flat and house shares. First out of the block was this little beauty…

Finding the right mix of housemates is essential in creating a happy flat share. However, it can be challenging for tenants to find the perfect blend of personalities that truly ‘click’ with one another. So we sought to make the process that little bit easier… by announcing that SpareRoom was pioneering the use of DNA personality testing in housemate matchmaking, paving the way for the world’s first DNA-matched house shares.

All prospective flat-hunters need to do is apply for a DNA kit on SpareRoom’s Facebook page, send back a saliva swab, and take an online personality test. SpareRoom’s boffins then produce a DNA Personality Report indicating which personality traits a person is well suited to living with.

The story has been going great guns on the coverage front, with smashing pieces on Mail Online, Metro, Sunday Times, Times online, Cosmopolitan, Ideal Home, House Beautiful, New York Post (great for SpareRoom’s NY office), Sheer Luxe, Capital Radio and Heat Radio – not to mention a healthy haul of regional pieces. We’ve also got journalists at the Wall Street Journal, Guardian, The Debrief and Metro taking DNA Housemate Matchmaking tests to discover who they would be best suited to living with – so more great news to come.


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