Birra Moretti


Following on from the success of the Bring Your Own Table restaurant, Birra Moretti continued its summer of events, with the launch of Deliver-A-Nonna – a truly one-of-its-kind delivery service.

On a mission to help bring people together and bond over traditional home-cooked food, we arranged for a genuine Italian nonna (Italian for ‘grandmother’) to cook for Brits in their own home.

All consumers had to do to enjoy a traditional taste of Italy was enter via a ballot and welcome a nonna into their homes. We saw an overwhelmingly positive response to the activation, with hundreds of applicants wanting to bring their friends and family together to sample what our group of Moretti nonne had to offer. 

Nonna Teresa, Nonna Romana and Nonna Celia were ‘delivered’ to people’s homes in one of our ‘Moretti Motors’, armed with ice-cold Moretti, ingredients for their signature dishes from across Italy, and the cooking skills to pass down to younger generations.

Prior to the launch we secured an exclusive sample session with The Times resulting in a full page spread (print and online), which was followed by over 40 pieces of coverage reaching over 450 million people. Standout pieces secured included Mail Online, The i (print), The Sun, Daily Star and Business Insider. Our nifty nonne even provided exclusive tips for the media to use in their articles, sharing generations of Italian cooking knowledge, for all to use. Salute!