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Bed And Sex Facts


To urge young Britons to think about and practice safe sex on their summer holidays we knew we had to do something inventive and disruptive.

And so we developed a unique hotel concept in Ibiza where single Britons could stay entirely for free, but there was one catch… guests had to check-in to a room covered entirely in pictures of sexually transmitted diseases and warnings to practice safe sex.


Dubbed the Sexual Health Condom-inium, the hotel followed research revealing that more than a third of Brtis have had unprotected sex whilst on holiday, with a quarter of those (24%) subsequently contracting an STI.

At no other accommodation in the world could guests get intimate under bright bed covers warning them that one in 12 (9%) Brits have contracted an STI on holiday – including genital herpes, chlamydia, bacterial vaginosis and genital warts. And if shocking bed sheets weren’t enough to get holidaying Britons practising safe sex, then a set of pillows covered in graphic images of the herpes virus certainly did!

The media were happy to jump in to bed with us on the story giving us cracking spreads on Mail Online, Mirror Online,, and Glamour to name a few. The regional press loved it too with over 20 pieces across the country from Aberdeen to Devon.

The ‘condo’ generated lots of noise of Twitter too, with an estimated reach of over 3 million accounts and, coupled with the press coverage, resulted in hundreds of holidaymakers applying for the week-long stay.