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In the last year or so you may have seen Three saying sorry for causing an inexorable rise in ‘holiday spam’. As a consequence of the mobile network scrapping data roaming charges for its customers in destinations across the world (including the USA, Italy, Australia and France), people’s social media feeds became clogged up with countless ‘braggies’ of plane wing after plane wing after plane wing – not to mention sunsets, selfies, beach feet and cocktails.

Well they say actions speak louder than words, so in addition to offering its heartfelt apology, Three is committed to stemming the tide of #Holidayspam and ensure only responsible bragging occurs. To that end, and with tongue firmly planted in cheek, we announced that Three and authorities in Southern France had imposed a ban on all holiday bragging across an exclusive beach in Cannes.

Two sections of the beach were designated a ‘No Braggies Zone’ during the peak August holiday rush, creating a brag-free haven for those weary of seeing beachgoers spending their whole time on the sand taking shots of their own face, hot dog legs, sandy feet and flamboyant umbrella-topped cocktails.

In order to enforce the ban, a crack team of ‘Holiday Spam Police’ will be patrolling the sands and handing out #Holidayspam violations to any offenders.

The results of the quirky sandy sanctions were great, with top pieces in the Sun, Mail OnlineReveal, Huffington Post, Fox News, Conde Nast Traveller, Ubergizmo, TYT, Daily Star, Yahoo and Daily Mirror – as well as cracking online and broadcast pieces all over the USA, New Zealand, Morocco and France of course!