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Everyone keeps telling us our pets are getting fatter due to irresponsible owners smuggling them too much of their own food and too little exercise. That means dogs are getting bigger, slower, out of breath and the joints in their limbs under ever more strain.

So what does all this mean? We at Cow gazed into the crystal ball with our client MORE TH>N Pet Insurance to reveal the first ever stairlift for dogs. That’s because in another 10 years most dog owning households will need one if they want their heavyweight hounds to get around the house.

With the aid of Thora the bulldog, our stairlift and some top tips on dog nutrition and exercise from MORE TH>N our photos set tails wagging with 38 pieces of coverage to date.

Highlights included The Daily MailThe Sun, Huffington Post, Time Magazine online, CNBC and huge amounts of social media chatter, we made sure that some dog owners will now think twice about dishing out too many Scooby snacks.

And although we’ve since had people asking where they can buy one for their dog, we think it would be best to employ some basic tough love and try smaller portions and longer walks first.