This year we solved one of life’s great mysteries.

A pivotal question that had remained unanswered for 20 years.

Could Ross have got his sofa up the stairs in Friends?

Turns out he could have.

Not letting good comedy get in the way of a good PR story, we commissioned a maths expert to calculate just how Ross, Rachel and Chandler should have moved the sofa up the stairs in the iconic ‘PIVOT’ scene that, over the last 20 years, has become the soundtrack to pretty much all furniture moving occasions and a much-loved piece of popular culture.

While Ross was right (to a point) to ‘pivot’, it was a crucial lack of ’tilt’ that saw the couch get stuck and the trio come unstuck.

We were already on to a winner when we picked this piece of popular culture as the focus for a story for SpareRoom UK and USA. As LadBible says: “The ‘pivot’ scene in Friends is arguably the funniest of them all… It’s just so god damn relatable. We’ve all moved into a new place and the bed won’t fit upstairs or the washing machine isn’t budging through the front door. And there’s no worse feeling that the thought of an inanimate object taking the ultimate piss out of you.”

But we couldn’t have predicted the response we’d get from the press and Friends fan base for revealing the alternative ending to the pivot scene: over 100 pieces of coverage in the UK and USA (and many other countries) in titles such as The New York Post, The Washington Post, Metro, LadBible, Cosmo, i100, Shortlist, Mirror and Digital Spy, not to mention a very healthy response on social, with articles about the story being shared by major publishers on Facebook and securing hundreds of thousands of views, likes and shares.