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The fist-pump. As far as sporting celebrations go it’s one of the more understated. But thanks to its liberal and emphatic use over the years by the likes of Nadal, Sharapova, Murray and even ‘Tiger’ Tim Henman it has become the de facto gesture of accomplishment in world tennis, employed by everyone to celebrate a point, game, set or match won.

Now, however, the humble fist-pump has entered the annals of sporting history for another reason entirely: it’s the first celebration in any sport, in any part of the world, to become the subject of its own sponsorship deal.

Indeed, in 2014 we made our client Three the official fist-pump sponsor of British No. 5 tennis player, and Wimbledon hopeful, Tara Moore. Not only did it represent the first time that a hand gesture has been sponsored, it was also the first time in the history of sport that a professional player’s limb was the subject of a commercial deal.

Additionally, every time Tara, 21, fist-pumped during a match at Wimbledon, Three donated money to the charity Rally For Bally, set up in memory of Elena Baltacha. And although Tara came agonisingly close to making it to the second round, her valiant efforts raised £3,921 raised for charity.

The world’s first fist-pump sponsorship was arranged to announce LG’s new flagship G3 smartphone becoming available on Three. Among its many groundbreaking technological feats, the G3 device featured an innovative front-facing ‘selfie’ camera, activated by clenching one’s hand into a shape much like the classic fist-pump.

Tara’s sponsorship became the talk of SW19, and just as Tara fist pumped for every point won, so did we for each piece of coverage secured, with over 50 articles generated in the space of 48 hours, including HUGE pieces in the Daily Mail (twice), The Times, Guardian (twice), Daily Star (twice), Metro, Sun, Daily Mirror,, online againEurosport and many, many more – all of which were topped off by a rather nice post-match interview with Tara on BBC1.