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Imagine stepping into the real life equivalent of a black and white movie. Well that’s exactly the experience that was to be head upon entering the world’s first completely black and white bar, which we opened in London for our client Bulmers.

Everything in the Bulmers Bar was strictly monochrome – with the walls, furniture, lighting, pictures, art, ping pong table, board games, bar food and even the staff completely stripped of all colour.

In fact, the only dashes of colour in this monochromatic world came from bottles of Bulmers and the bar’s customers, who stood out like never before.

The bar was created as part of Bulmers campaign and to mark the addition of the new Bulmers Zesty Blood Orange flavour to the brand’s vibrant range of ciders.

Creating a bar with no traces of colour, using only shades of white, grey and black, was an interior design feat never attempted before and as such required some of the best in the design and film industry to bring to life.

Included among the talented team that spent over four months bringing the black and white bar to life are film set designers, makeup artists and practical effects wizards whose collective CV spans Gladiator and Avengers through to Game of Thrones.

Thankfully, all the hard work was well worth it, with widespread coverage across all major titles in the UK and abroad. To name a few we had Daily MirrorPSFKTrendhunterMail OnlineLondon On The Inside, London 24 and The Nudge all writing fantastic pieces on the bar.

This, plus hundreds of awestruck punters that attended the bar, and a whole host of social media buzz throughout the week the bar was open, means it’s safe to say the bar has been set pretty high for black and white themed venues.