41 Cheese Pizza

To celebrate Eurovision, the cheesiest event of the year, we launched a pizza topped with 41 different cheeses, sourced from the 41 nations competing in this year’s song contest, for flat-sharing site SpareRoom.

Why? Because housemates LOVE Eurovision parties and with 45% of flatmates choosing pizza as their favourite dish to order in, SpareRoom wanted to give flatmates a Eurovision party feast they would never forget!

The ‘Quarantuno Formaggi’ was topped with a cheeses from all competing countries including Azerbaijan Kajmak Travnik, Cypriot Halloumi, Latvian Talsu Ritulis Green, French Camembert, Dutch Gouda, Spanish Manchego, Swiss Emmental and British Wensleydale to name a few.

We teamed up with Baz & Fred’s Pizzeria in London to make a limited run of the 41 cheese pizza on Eurovision day, allowing Eurovision-loving cheese enthusiasts to try the grate-st pizza in town (and unsurprisingly the pizzas sold out very quickly).

It’s fair to say our 41 cheese Eurovision pizza performed better than UK contestant Michael Rice, securing over 45 pieces of coverage in the likes of Metro, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Time Out, The Sun, Talk Radio, Cosmopolitan, Pretty52, The Handbook and hit podcast The High Low – a cheesy success if you ask us!