8 December 2016

When memes land you in jail

The Mannequin Challenge meme has surely criss-crossed the internet enough times now that it is really and truly, officially DONE… but that’s not why the participants in this video landed themselves in hot water with the law.

Police in Madison County, Alabama arrested 49-year-old Kenneth White and charged another man with marijuana possession after seeing an admittedly novel take on the meme: at least twenty men armed with various firearms, performing a freeze-frame resembling a drive-by shooting. The issue? White is a felon and wasn’t supposed to be in possession of a gun.

One has to wonder how long it takes for the police to pick up on crimes online after they’ve been posted, how they police the internet and how the police themselves are regulated, but more on that in a serious blog. For now, let’s watch this version of the mannequin one last time and revel in the schadenfreude.

Some people may find the below footage offensive. Read the original post HERE.