1 October 2015

London Design Festival

We’re loving all the great stuff that went on at the London Design Festival:

Dazzle Ship London: The stunning wrapped HMS President by Tobias Rehberger – a take on the striking ‘dazzle’ patterns in which First World War ships were painted, reminding visitors of the crucial role ships played in the country’s wartime survival.

Barnaby Barford: The Tower of Babel. An imposing six-metre high installation  at the V&A, The Tower of Babel comprises 3000 bone china façades, each depicting a different London shop photographed by the artist. At its base the shops are derelict, while at its pinnacle, London’s exclusive boutiques and galleries.

Curiosity Cloud, explored the transience of nature and the Art Nouveau movement.

A Bullet From A Shooting Star: Project with Alex Chinneck in the Greenwich Peninsula where Knight Dragon is currently developing a new district for London with 15,000 new homes.

A Bullet from a Shooting Star takes the form of a regular electricity pylon but given the structural feat it is performing, the design is far from conventional.

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