10 October 2016

The truth behind Louise Delage

If you don’t follow her, there is a chance you know someone who does. Louise is the overnight sensation taking Instagram by storm. Just over a month (Aug 1st) after joining the social platform, she gained over 60,000 followers!

LD 3

She’s gorgeous, fun, adventurous…. Oh, and not real.

This social sensation is actually just a model, who was hired as part of a clever French campaign called ‘Like my Addiction’ by Addict Aide’s to raise awareness about alcoholism amongst young people.

LD image 2

150 pictures, thousands of likes and an alcoholic drink in every single one. The fake Instagram account aimed to show how easy it is to look past someone’s addiction.

LD image

Hmm, maybe we need to think twice before double tapping that picture of that friend who always has a pinot?

Check out Addict Aide’s video here to learn more about the campaign.