23 March 2016

The original hipster is not at all how you pictured him…


Hipster has become a catch-all term which could denote anything from ‘person wearing hat’ to ‘person I just don’t like’. So who started it? Enter Harry ‘The Hipster’ Gibson, a jazz pianist born in The Bronx in 1915.

According to Retronaut, “Calling someone hip or hep became a way to note their sophistication, coolness or knowledge of fashion. It was particularly prevalent in the world of jazz, where the coolest and most in-the-know characters were called “hepcats.” In 1939, Cab Calloway published his lexicon of jazz vernacular, Cab Calloway’s Hepster’s Dictionary: Language of Jive, a pun on Webster’s Dictionary. “Hepster” came to mean a white fan of jazz.”

More details (and images of Harry in all his unabashed hipster glory) at Mashable.