17 February 2017

Stop-motion loading screens redeem internet meh

Like jet-packs, hoverboards and teleportation, waiting for stuff to load is no longer a thing that happens in our ideal vision of the future.

But while we wait for the future to arrive, we can console ourselves with this beautiful video of stop-motion loading screens by Raphael Vangelis, incorporating familiar loading screens with a few new versions.

We never thought that any good could come of a slow internet connection and / or faulty software, but Vangelis has proven us wrong with this homage to the time we all spend in digital limbo.

Analogue Loaders from Raphael Vangelis on Vimeo.

And for those of you thinking ‘That must have taken a while’, you’re absolutely right. See the behind-the-scenes video below and be thankful that someone else had this idea and the patience to execute it properly.

Now back to work.

Analogue Loaders Behind The Scenes from Raphael Vangelis on Vimeo.

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