6 February 2017

So what’s the deal with Donald Trump and K-stew?

Remember when Donald Trump gave Kristen Stewart a good ol’ Twitter bashing? No? Don’t worry. The actress recently appeared on American show SNL and gave everyone a nice refresher on their hilarious one-sided Twitter beef and out of the goodness of our heart, we’ve decided to share.

Back in 2012, President Trump took to his favourite social media platform ELEVEN times to give Robert Pattison some relationship advice, after becoming quite heavily (and weirdly) emotionally invested in his relationship with Kristen. Check out some of our favourite tweets.

The leader of the free world, everybody.

Guess he didn’t seem to appreciate Kristen not sharing Bella’s eternal values of devotion. Now, if you know your Donnie history, you’ll know that the President himself actually has a history of philandering himself. So…. he probably isn’t the best person to be giving advice, but when has that ever stopped him?