8 November 2017

Meet the taxi driver who spent 20 years photographing his passengers


Ryan Weiderman arrived in New York city with dreams of being a street photographer. Graduating from the California College of Arts and Crafts, he quickly found that he had more immediate goals – like paying rent. After becoming a cab driver, he managed to find a way of uniting his profession with his passion, turning the back seat of his cab into his personal studio for 20 years. Proof that art and creativity can thrive – and reveal something unique – in even the most constricting  and challenging environments.


Ryan Weideman’s work is in the collections of many prestigious institutions including the Brooklyn Museum, the Oakland Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago. Weideman’s awards include Guggenheim Fellowship Grant (1992-1993), a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship (1986-1987), and a NEA Fellowship Grant. Read the original story and view more photographs at brucesilverstein.com, click HERE.