16 March 2016

Instagram’s new Facebook-style feed

InstagramIt was only a matter of time really, but Instagram’s chronological feed will soon be changed to serve videos and images it ‘thinks’ users want to see. No doubt these changes will be based on algorithms tried and tested by Instagram’s parent company, Facebook.

But with more brands now advertising on the image-based platform, will this mean that the user experience will suffer from an over-abundance of branded content when these changes come into effect? And moreover, what does this mean for the organic reach of brands?

Certainly we should prepare to see more ads than before, but as ever, it’s the best content that we think will cut through. We believe that quality content always has the edge, and if anything we hope that Facebook’s announcement will encourage more brands to think about how best to court the interest of their audiences.

To be blunt, a crappy picture with budget behind it is still a crappy picture. Organic reach may be on the decline, but brands have already had to contend with reduced reach on Twitter and Facebook, so should be able to overcome any challenges this announcement may pose. We think many brands will in fact welcome the change.

What do you think of Instagram’s changes to its feed?