6 December 2016

End of the line? Amazon Go arrives early 2017

Amazon-Go-TAAmazon has revealed its new real-world retail project, Amazon Go. In a video featuring shoppers apparently leaving the store without having to wait in a queue or visit a till, Amazon reveals that the new stores work using deep learning algorithms and sensor fusion technology, much like what you find in self-driving cars.

Apparently it will soon be possible to walk into a shop, pick up whatever you want and leave without waiting in line; with the cost of purchases being automatically deducted from your Amazon account.

No doubt this will shake up the retail sector in a big way in months and years to come, but only if shoppers are comfortable making automatic payments through their smartphones – and only if they actually have smartphones. Shopping at Amazon Go will clearly save time, but can they allay fears around privacy and security? Details on exactly how the stores work are still hazy, but what’s clear is that AI is playing a large role.

Having cornered a huge portion of the online retail market, it seems Amazon will soon be making an appearance on our high streets. We look forward to seeing how it is received…

Seattle will be the first location of an Amazon Go store, arriving in early 2017.