Posted on 27 March, 2014

This summer the eyes of the world will be fixed on Brazil as it hosts the biggest football event of them all…

That’s right, one of Brazil’s best professional female football teams will take on a team of everyday British men in a one-of-a-kind football match in Rio de Janeiro. The unique samba showdown is the main event in this year’s Strongbow ‘EARN IT. Challenge’, and the five-a-side match is set to be a mesmerising display of footballing skills (from the women, at least) in the spiritual home of the beautiful game.

While passion alone can get a team so far, if the five chosen British men are to mount a genuine challenge against the Brazilian girls in their own back yard they’ll need a coaching set-up fine tuned to the task at hand. And although the chaps taking part in this David Vs. Goliath duel on the pitch are all amateurs, their off the pitch team is anything but that.

That’s because the triumphant trio charged with coaching the underdogs from Britain to success against one of Brazil’s best women’s football clubs includes the unbelievable Chris Kamara as Manager, Brazilian football expert Janio Cruz as Head Coach and Essex’s favourite son (and former pro-footballer to boot) Mark Wright as Assistant Manager.

This week marks the opening of the recruitment phase of the Strongbow Challenge, and we’ve already seen coverage appearing in the Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Shortlist, Zoo, Reveal, Now and OK!. Roll on Rio…



Posted on 26 March, 2014

Always wonderful to announce brand new client news! So here it is *drum roll please*: we have been appointed by the brewing giants Heineken UK to work with them across their portfolio of brands– which includes Fosters, Strongbow and Desperados…!

It was an intense, but enjoyable, pitch process, and along with the good people at TVC we had the honour of being selected as retained agency – and have already started work on the Strongbow Rio Challenge and another secret project that will be unveiled shortly.

No doubt it’s a dream come true for all of us at Cow (who have been known to enjoy a tipple or two), giving us the opportunity to join a team intent on taking their PR operation to the next level.

So, we guess, the drinks are on us, or read all about it in PR Week!


Making Scents of the City

Posted on 8 March, 2014

Well, that went well! Yesterday morning saw the launch of the UK’s first scented travel guidebook, created in partnership between Visit York and ourselves. Fast forward 24 hours and the little book that could is now all over the national newspapers and being talked about as far afield as America.

The free ‘olfactory guidebook’, entitled Smell York, features photographs of some of York’s most iconic attractions, with every image scientifically infused with a nose-tingling bouquet of complementary smells. Included among the bouquet of aromas are the evocative scents of coal, steam and oil from the golden age of York’s railways, an elegant afternoon tea, the smells of horses galloping to the finish line at York Racecourse, the fresh fragrance of wild heather growing on the world-famous North York Moors and even the paranormal pong of bad eggs, associated with one of York’s smelliest ghosts!

So far the guidebook has received amazing national coverage in the Times, Mail Online, Telegraph, Guardian, Mirror,, Daily Star and Daily Star online. We’ve also seen equally large write ups in the Yorkshire Post and York Press, and coverage across a number of TV and radio stations including ITV, BBC radio stations in York, Coventry, Oxford, Northern Ireland, Leeds and even a show all the way down under in Perth, Australia.

On social media, meanwhile, the guidebook has gone down just as well, with the story, images and links to coverage being shared in great quantities.

Media aside, the scented guidebook has really struck a chord with the public. In fact, within minutes of coverage going up Visit York were receiving requests for copies of the book from would-be visitors and orders from York-lovers the world over.

The book was launched to entice new visitors to York and coincides with the launch of Visit York’s new ‘Fifty Firsts’ marketing campaign, which focuses on promoting York by the five human senses.


The Mile Low Club

Posted on 17 February, 2014

Money can’t buy you love, right?

Well quite, but if you can rustle up a sizeable chunk of cash, then Oliver’s Travels could provide the sexiest submarine ride ever! A simple take on the more conventional ‘love in an aeroplane’, Cow worked with Oliver & co. at the home of luxury villas to create The Mile Low Club – the ultimate lover’s getaway under the sea!

A snip at a cool £500,000 for a 4 night stay, Oliver says ‘The stunning views of the marine world will take your breath away and the vessel comes fully staffed with your very own team who are on hand to make sure you never have to take your eyes off the view, or each other….

The press are clearly keen to come on board too, with over 200 pieces of coverage as far and wide as The Times, Daily Telegraph, Daily Star, Mail OnlineFox News, The Huffington PostThe Vancouver Sun, CNN and leagues of other websites and broadcast outlets that span the seven seas!

Book online here!



Posted on 28 January, 2014

After a lifetime of the daily grind it’s fair to say the vast majority of retiring Britons would like a life after work that’s quiet, contented and worry-free. One where they can spend their golden years with their loved ones and close friends.

Sadly, this ideal is unattainable for many pensioners in the UK today. In fact, according to new research by MORE TH>N Home Insurance, 47% of retirees are struggling to live off their pensions. Consequently, one in every seven are giving serious thought to renting out the spare rooms in their homes to complete strangers in order to make ends meet.

This story charting the rise of the ‘Granlord’ was well received in the national media, with coverage in the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mail Online, and to name a few.


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