Posted on 18 January, 2015

To beat the January blues, we decided to bring a giant splash of colour to wintery Bournemouth Beach, in the form of a giant mosaic of the Spanish flag. The installation, which was created using over 650 red, yellow and black beach umbrellas, was to announce to Three customers they will be able to use their phone abroad at no extra cost in Spain, the UK’s most popular holiday destination, from April 1, 2015 with their Feel At Home service.

As well as getting rather cold on a beach, we also announced the addition of Spain to key tech and national news titles, including; The Sun, The Independent, CNET, Gizmodo, Daily Star and Pocket-Lint.

Three’s Chief Executive, Dave Dyson, then appeared on CNBC, CNN and BBC News to spread the word further and round off a pretty pleasing start to the year for the Three team.


The Family History

Posted on 5 January, 2015

It used to be that you could only really know a person – let alone a whole family – if you met them; spent time with them; spoke to them; were welcomed into their world and invited to understand them better. However a radical new social experiment which we organised for our client www.hidemyass.com shows just how well you can know a person without ever having met them. And it’s all thanks to a little thing called internet history.

In the experiment, an average family of four from Sussex went about their normal daily routines online for a month before handing over to us the most basic of data – their internet history. We then had an independent technology expert, Dr Rachel O’Connell, who had absolutely no prior knowledge of the subjects, analyse the internet history.

In just a matter of minutes she was able to build an extremely accurate portrait of each family member and even their future activities, including precise guesses at their relationship to each other, each family member’s age, gender, occupation, income, interests and pastimes, and hinted at family holidays and a treat being planned for Christmas. Scary.

To further illuminate just how detailed a portrait of a person can be made from their internet history, we commissioned a professional ‘ASCII artist’ to create a portrait of the family using only four weeks of their internet history.

Landing at the height of the Sony Pictures / North Korea / The Interview hacking fiasco, the story of the family was lapped up by the media, with great coverage in the Daily Telegraph, Daily Star, Bella, an incredible full page belter in The Sunday Times and this lovely piece on the Times online.



Posted on 15 December, 2014

Our friends at Three recently launched CalendarMe, the network’s brilliant (we’re biased but it really is) Christmas app, which allows people to create the ultimate personalised calendar for 2015. In an act of pure self-indulgence, people feature in a series of far-fetched scenarios – appearing as a buff personal trainer, burly firefighter or bikini-clad beach babe, by simply uploading an image of their face. www.three.co.uk/CalendarMe

To take this further, we decided to create a real life version of the app in Three stores across the country, with the help of some famous faces taking charge of the camera, encouraging shoppers to get into the silly, festive spirit.

The media seemed to get into the spirit too, with coverage appearing in the Daily Mirror, Mail Online, Daily Star, The Sun, Manchester Evening NewsLiverpool Echo and Newcastle Evening Chronicle to name a few.


Merry Christ-moos

Posted on 27 November, 2014

With less than four weeks to go until Christmas, we’ve been getting in the festive moo-ood by creating an ‘udderly’ stylish Christmas jumper for a real cow!

No, not just because we absolutely love Cows, but for the charity Send a Cow, which is aiming to send 20,000 virtual gifts with a difference to poverty-stricken families living in seven of Africa’s poorest countries.

Replacing the traditional jumper pattern of snowmen or crackers, this stylish garment was knitted to showcase the charity’s latest altruistic Christmas gifts catalogue, which includes gifts like chickens, vegetable patches and a Local Cow, which provides a family with milk and manure for farming.

Gloria the cow, a purebred Jersey from Devon, didn’t bat an eyelid at being fitted with the jumper, which fits with Velcro straps and was knitted by arts and crafts specialist, Elise Hurcombe.

As no strangers to some world-class cow puns, it was great to see the same old favourites springing up around this festive story in the national press, including the Daily Mail print, Mail Online, Newsround, First News (bagging the front page of the paper, as well as this tremendous online piece) and The Mirror Online - not to mention being a talking point for the presenters of Good Morning Britain and even being the source of much mirth on Have I Got News For You. Not bad for a cow in a jumper.


Return of the Green Cross Man

Posted on 21 November, 2014

A long, long time ago on a roadside not so far away the children of 1970s Britain were rescued from their road recklessness by one safety-conscious superhero: Green Cross Man!

Now, almost 40 years later, we’ve orchestrated the grand return of the Green Cross Man, with Star Wars actor David Prowse MBE once again donning the famous suit (Green Cross Man, that is, not Darth Vadar) – only this time teaching adults to stop, look, listen and think before they cross the road.

The move to bring back the Green Cross Man was prompted by research from our client MORE TH>N, which revealed the extent to which adult pedestrians are putting their lives at risk every day by constantly using their smartphones or listening to music on headphones as they cross the road.

To coincide with Road Safety Week 2014, we scripted and filmed two brand new public information films starring the Green Cross Man and some absent-minded adult pedestrians. Elements of the dialogue and the scenarios were drawn from the new Green Cross Code for grownups, which MORE TH>N had crowdsourced from its Facebook community.

It’s probably safe to say that the return of the Green Cross Code Man was one of THE stories of the day today. In fact, we achieved no less than half to full-page write ups in EVERY national newspaper and their online equivalents, with stunning pieces in Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, The Times, Metro, The Independent, i, Daily Express, The Sun, Daily Star, Guardian onlineMail Online, Telegraph.co.uk, Independent online, Express.co.uk, Mirror.co.uk, Dailystar.co.uk, Times online, Metro.co.uk and even national BBC News. Such a national spread prompted a flurry of broadcast coverage, with the story, and interviews with David Prowse, seen on The One Show, Sky News, ITV National News at 6, BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans Breakfast Show and more regional radio stations and newspapers than you can shake a stick at.

All of this, along with further coverage in several high-reach onlines has dramatically increased awareness of the need for pedestrians to adhere to the green cross code when out and about, and importantly put away their smartphones and take off their headphones when crossing the road!

Already the films have had an incredible 340,000 views on the MORE TH>N Facebook and YouTube pages, not to mention being shared extensively on Twitter. And with more coverage in the pipeline that should all be set to continue!

The force was strong with this one.


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