Norse Power

Posted on 19 May, 2014

Following the phenomenally successful ‘Smell York’ scented guidebook, Visit York and Cow embarked on another nasal journey last week to entice new visitors to the historic city – this time with a distinctly Viking aroma.

Raiding people’s olfactory faculties we created ‘Norse Power’: a new deodorant for men that captured the smells that abounded in the warrior days of longships, long swords and even longer beards.

The odour of a Viking warrior fresh from a raid in 9th century York contained a heady bouquet of mead, sweat, dried blood, seawater, mud, meat and pine – and proved a hit with the press, being covered in the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Star and across the regions – not to mention being a popular Friday talking point all over Twitter.



Posted on 6 May, 2014

It’s one of the most common signs on British roads: a simple white circle with a black stripe signifying the national speed limit applies. But for one in every three British drivers, it might as well be a great big question mark. That’s because these drivers haven’t the foggiest what the sign means.

The shock finding is just one of many revealed today in new research by our client MORE TH>N Car Insurance. As well as highlighting a staggering lack of rudimentary road sign knowledge (one in seven drivers even mistook a ‘slippery road’ sign to mean ‘paint on the road’), the research also points to a nation seemingly obsessed with speeding.

The story, which coincided with the government announcing it is to implement the biggest shakeup in road signs for 50 years, saw coverage in the Daily Express,, Mail Online and ITV.


What The Greats Ate

Posted on 17 April, 2014

When we met the good people at Send A Cow it was always going to be a match made in bovine heaven! So it was wonderful to see our debut tactic, The Most Important Meals of Their Lives 25 page recipe e-book, get off to the #BestStart!

Supporting the wonderful ‘Break Fast’ campaign and aiming to raise a government matched £500,000 – we put together a recipe book of the most important breakfasts that fuelled the greats throughout history.

It has proven so popular, with the likes of The Metro (full page), The Times and Daily Mirror all sharing the fact that, while Gandhi got by on a breakfast of porridge, cocoa and goat’s milk, Charles Darwin preferred a low-carb dish of pigeon breasts and eggs. Meanwhile, created a quiz about the book, while Buzzfeed were keen to feature it all.

You can download the free e-book, and donate, over at – and try some of those historical breakfast moments out for yourself!



Posted on 27 March, 2014

This summer the eyes of the world will be fixed on Brazil as it hosts the biggest football event of them all…

That’s right, one of Brazil’s best professional female football teams will take on a team of everyday British men in a one-of-a-kind football match in Rio de Janeiro. The unique samba showdown is the main event in this year’s Strongbow ‘EARN IT. Challenge’, and the five-a-side match is set to be a mesmerising display of footballing skills (from the women, at least) in the spiritual home of the beautiful game.

While passion alone can get a team so far, if the five chosen British men are to mount a genuine challenge against the Brazilian girls in their own back yard they’ll need a coaching set-up fine tuned to the task at hand. And although the chaps taking part in this David Vs. Goliath duel on the pitch are all amateurs, their off the pitch team is anything but that.

That’s because the triumphant trio charged with coaching the underdogs from Britain to success against one of Brazil’s best women’s football clubs includes the unbelievable Chris Kamara as Manager, Brazilian football expert Janio Cruz as Head Coach and Essex’s favourite son (and former pro-footballer to boot) Mark Wright as Assistant Manager.

This week marks the opening of the recruitment phase of the Strongbow Challenge, and we’ve already seen coverage appearing in the Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Shortlist, Zoo, Reveal, Now and OK!. Roll on Rio…



Posted on 26 March, 2014

Always wonderful to announce brand new client news! So here it is *drum roll please*: we have been appointed by the brewing giants Heineken UK to work with them across their portfolio of brands– which includes Fosters, Strongbow and Desperados…!

It was an intense, but enjoyable, pitch process, and along with the good people at TVC we had the honour of being selected as retained agency – and have already started work on the Strongbow Rio Challenge and another secret project that will be unveiled shortly.

No doubt it’s a dream come true for all of us at Cow (who have been known to enjoy a tipple or two), giving us the opportunity to join a team intent on taking their PR operation to the next level.

So, we guess, the drinks are on us, or read all about it in PR Week!


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