Cow Africa launch the world’s first Twitter powered vending machine!

Posted on 25 June, 2012

We Cows may be keeping ourselves super busy in London rustling up solutions for our clients, but it’s lovely to keep an eye on what our sister agency in South Africa are up to. And we think their latest stunt, for BOS Ice Tea, is an absolute cracker…. Yep, it’s the FIRST TWITTER POWERED VENDING MACHINE which was launched this week to international acclaim!

Affectionately nicknamed Bev, the personable soft drinks machine not only greets nearby punters with concern and courtesy “You look thirsty human?’ but can be operated by anyone in the proximity, just by tweeting the correct hashtag at the machine. Then well – you’re probably best of watching the video to see what happens next…

A massive hit in its native South Africa, this lovable vending machine is now starting to spread worldwide, and with the likes of the BBC, Le Monde, France24, The Bangkok Post and Digital Buzz Blog already onboard and expressing their love for this quirky machine – expect to see this one keep on spreading!


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