21 June 2019

Kiwi Camp goes global with WWF

Festival season has officially kicked off at Cow. Last weekend, we travelled to Isle of Wight Festival and hosted three journalists from the Sun, Star on Sunday and Evening Standard at Old Mout Cider’s Kiwi Camp – the little camp with a big impact. Everything in the camp is recycled, up-cycled or reused!

This year, the focus was on Old Mout’s partnership with WWF to protect global habitats (half a million acres of them), so wildlife like New Zealand’s very own kiwi bird have the space to thrive. Kiwi Camp hosted loads of fun ways for festival goers to get involved and help make a difference from the festival. Activities included cycle to recycle, up-cycling clothing, a donation wall and can crushing – which was very satisfying! Kiwi Camp also played home to Disco Yoga and Rockaoke, including a very special surprise performance from the man himself, Rick Astley.

With pre-festival coverage already appearing from The Mirror, we will also be seeing feature write-ups in the Evening Standard, Sun and Star on Sunday.

Kiwi Camp’s next stop? Boardmasters! Hope to see you there.