4 November 2018


Cow is on the lookout for a super-talented senior-level creative – could it be you?!The right person would have a VERY strong proven record and they’d work across all accounts, alongside Matt Wilcock, the creative director.

This person would be expected to be able to see client projects and new biz pitches through to completion and be able to produce not just great ideas but an extremely high standard of written work, beautiful presentations and client consultation generally in keeping with the quality of our output – across social and PR disciplines (and beyond if required!).

Our creative work is our strongest USP and the thing we are most proud of. It’s industry leading, and in this role you’d get to bounce ideas around with one of the most gifted creatives on the circuit – somebody from whom you could not only learn, but who is looking to be inspired by your creativity too.  It’s an amazing collaborative opportunity, where you would be given autonomy and room to grow, explore your own ideas and style, but also be part of a team that pushes you further, in an agency and with clients that embrace that creativity.

We want somebody ambitious and energetic and truly inspiring to join the team. Could it be you? The only way to find out is if you get in touch! moo@cowpr.com

(The pay would reflect the importance and specialism of the role and be negotiable in relation to experience)