15 March 2018

@Schofe – meet The Kraken

When popular TV host Phillip Schofield mentioned The Kraken Rum on This Morning, we couldn’t resist but put together a nice little reactive idea to ensure his love for The Beast was known all over social media as well. Working with one of our Cow illustrators, we crafted this image of Phillip taking a selfie with the Kraken itself, and sent it to him on Twitter. A few hours later he RT’d it to his 4.5million followers. Not bad for a days work! Two weeks later we rejigged the copy and sent it again, with the same response. Cue many @Schofe fans taking their first sip of fine Kraken rum.

When @Schofe mentioned The Kraken on Good Morning, we had to get involved, so we did this... Phillip Schofield takes a selfie with The Kraken!