23 February 2018


We’re in Barcelona, not to soak up the sun and sample the tapas, but to visit Mobile World Congress, the annual exhibition of all things tech.

From driverless cars to fridges fitted with cameras that allow you to double check what items you have in the chiller when you’re at the supermarket, tech has come a long way in the last few years. 

Visiting with Three, we were some of the first to set eyes on the hotly-anticipated Samsung S9. With the all-new device, not only can you turn yourself into an emoji, but you can also record in super slow mo, so whether it’s running water, running on the beach or running for the bus, you can capture content in a way like never before. 

Slow mo was the talk of the show when it came to mobiles, with Sony announcing the launch of the XZ2 – a handset that not only allows you to shoot in slow mo, but also lets you capture video in 4K. 

When we took a moment to slow down for ourselves, we checked out an LG TV that shows artwork when on standby, the yellow Nokia phone (perhaps better known as the banana phone) and of course, caught up with our pal, Alexa – Amazon Alexa that is.