12 September 2017


To celebrate the opening for registration of The Big Bang Fair we challenged a team of inventors, scientists and musicians to make a delicious beverage with music. The result was the world’s first ever milkshakes mixed entirely with sound energy from live music.

First to experience this revolutionary prototype were Year 7 students at Westminster Academy in London, where it was officially launched by The Blowfish, the world’s only heavy metal marine biologist.

The Rock Music Milkshake Mixer will be on display at The Big Bang Fair 2018 where guests will have the opportunity to pick up the axe and mix a milkshake for themselves.

Mikael Buck Big Bang Cymatics-13

Mikael Buck Big Bang Cymatics-15
Mikael Buck Big Bang Cymatics-8

Mikael Buck Big Bang Cymatics-5

Mikael Buck Big Bang Cymatics-27